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Anti Social Experience

Sep 19, 2021

Total unpreparation, and lack of planning. Does it tie in with flying by night in the working world?
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Sep 12, 2021

Mental Health, men, women, anyone, is important thing to conisder in everyday life. Airplanes, good for some, not for all.
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Aug 29, 2021

Where the spectrum ends, it varies. To none or some, your own may be easier than others.
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Aug 22, 2021

There is going to be much to talk about with this episode. People will have differeing opinions.
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Aug 15, 2021

Waynes Noob Repairs UK, is a YouTube channel showcasing true to life repairs, as done by anyone beginning the journey down the road of console and electronics repair. This weeks guest is Wayne Dixon, creator, host, and beginner technician, who is coming on to share his story and YouTube journey thus far.
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