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Podcast Name Final and Intro Finished with Recording

Dec 19, 2017

This will be the second podcast that I am currently working on. This one will be seperate from the one I produce for the computer store. Wanting to see two different options for creating and publishing a podcast, is why I decided to start a second podcast. If libsyn works out as the better option, I will be migrating the DT Pc Podcast over to libsyn as well.

Moving on to the content of this post, the name I decided upon for this podcast, AntiSocial Experience. Considered putting a "the" at the beginning, however there are too many the (insert name here), out there already. 

The first episode (intro / backstory) is already recorded. The roadblock, is cover artwork. I still need to create that. Not wanting to delay any longer, and losing time and possibly passing up ideas and content that could be, I did the unconventional, untraditional, and I am starting this off on the opposite foot. Just a text post. 

Artwork hopefully coming soon.