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Dec 4, 2022

#breaks #burnout #boredom

On top of the Holiday Stress, there can be more added to the pile. Are you in this camp? Most are.

Live Sundays @ 3PM EST

Nov 27, 2022

#holidays #depressionisreal #blues #ithappens

The Holidays are coming. So are some of the hardest times people can face alone.

Live Sundays @ 3PM EST

Nov 13, 2022

#notbatman #feelsbadman #wheresrobin

Getting back in the studio, the guys remember they are not Batman or Robin

Live Sundays @ 3PM EST

Nov 6, 2022

#halloween #spookytimes #allhallowsepisode

We had such a good time last year, we brought the man himself back. Trev Allen (host of The Struggling Artist Podcast) returns, for the Halloween episode. Where is it going to go, we are not entirely sure, but with 3 people that can talk, something will be said.

The Struggling...

Oct 30, 2022

#afraidofit #phobia #fearofmany

The guys remember some of the things that caused fear or to be afraid at one point or another.

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